Après 24h de suspens insoutenable (ou presque), nous avons le plaisir de vous dévoiler notre lieu de résidence 2019! Le Cirque Bidon vous donne rendez-vous à partir du 20 avril au Château parc et jardins d'Azay le Ferron! --------- 🤹‍♂️ Les artistes y répéteront le spectacle durant 1 mois. --------- Nous vous attendons nombreux pour les 2 premières représentations de la tournée : 🌟 Samedi 25 mai à 20h30 🌟 Dimanche 26 mai à 17h -------- Des spectacles scolaires seront également proposés les 20, 21 et 23 mai. ---------- On a hâte de vous retrouver





 The Chateau of Azay-Le-Ferron with its rich architecture dating from 15th to 18th century, is a real time travelling machine. It will take you on a journey of discovery through various styles and Art periods. You will be able to visit around 15 rooms (bedrooms, dining rooms, reception rooms, kitchen, library,...) all sumptuously furnished such as they were during the life of the Hersent Luzarche family. Owners of the Chateau since 1832, they donated their estate to the City of Tours in 1951.





The beautiful parkland and formal gardens redesigned by the Bülher Brothers (famous landscape architects), reveal many tree species, box hedges and topiary gardens (clipped yew in chess game pieces), a collection which has the reputation of being one of the best in France. The discovery journey continues through the English gardens featuring roses. Orchards with many ancient variety can also be found in this superb park.